A Play With A Purpose-Re-Imagined: Take 2!

Click below to watch our live event from Tuesday May, 11!

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this wonderful evening possible!
Stage Sponsors

(As of 5/11/21)
The Belshaw Family
Rebecca Bradbeer
Robin & David Frees
Johanna & Christopher Gilbert
Jean & Charlie Humphreys

Maureen & Mike McCarthy
Meschter Insurance Group
Mobility Works
Moira & Ken Mumma
Zoe Perkins

Phoenixville Federal Bank & Trust
Dr. Donald J. Rosato Charitable Foundation
Lynn & Brian Slater
Patti Tucker
Linda & Joe Voytilla
Helen Warner

Peggy & Larry Way

Take a Bow Sponsors

(As of 5/11/21)
Ann Dailey
Alicia & Chris DeMont
Kitty & Carmen DiBattista
Kate Daly & Judy Turnquest
Michele & Steve Giacomucci
Mary Ann & Karl Glocker
Nancy & David Greer
Grace Grillet & Rich Eagen
Richard Kunsch
Rachel & Dennis McGonigle
Nancy Coe McLane
Claudia & Clemens Pietzner
Sharon & Bill Wagner
Eliza & Peter Zimmerman 

Stage Hands (Event Committee)
Maureen McCarthy, Co-Chair
Valarie Pearson, Co-Chair

Rebecca Bradbeer
Debbie DeRito
John DeRito
Christopher Gilbert
Johanna Gilbert
Pat Horan
Habiba King
Katie Lamac
Efi Miller
Judy Newhouse
Yahanas Tabb-Bey

Thanks to
Anne Harrison, Producer of Leave No Trace
David M. Frees, III
Debra Granik, Director of Leave No Trace
L&W Group
Mayor Peter Urscheler
Phoenix Media Group
Phoenixville Jaycees